Independent Curator, Jane Hart

Jane Hart has over 30 years of professional experience and expertise; active in the contemporary art field in NYC, L.A., London & South Florida. She has worked with major artists on exhibits, projects, publications and editions, including Doug Aitken, Jose´ Alvarez (D.O.P.A.), John Baldessari, Wallace Berman (Estate), Uta Barth, Gregory Crewdson, Jimmie Durham, Francis Haines, Peter Halley, Lyle Ashton Harris, Ryan Humphrey, Vincent Johnson, Alex Katz, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Mike Kelley, Kienholz, Charles Long, Christian Marclay, Fabian Marcaccio, Dave Muller, Catherine Opie, Nathan Sawaya, Charles M. Schulz (Estate/Museum), Diana Thater, Oliver Wasow, James Welling, Pae White, Wayne White, and Andrea Zittel among many others.

Hart is an independent curator and owner of long-standing venture lemon sky: projects + editions, For nearly a decade she held the position of Curator of Exhibitions at The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, an acclaimed non-profit institution which presents both visual and performing arts, founded in 1975. During her tenure at the Center Hart curated over 100 exhibitions, as well as the award-winning lecture series "Hot Topics" and numerous other special projects. 

lemon sky: projects + editions is a contemporary art business devoted to working with artists through exhibiting and promoting their work. Hart established lemon sky in L.A. in 1996. Hart was a founding director and curator for ground breaking fine arts publisher Muse [X] Editions. In 2001, Hart opened lemon sky: projects + editions, a commercial gallery space and editions publisher, located on Wilshire Blvd in L.A. Solo exhibits were presented by Cindy Bernard, Jessica Bronson, Steven Criqui, ChanSchatz, Dara Friedman, Tim Hailand, Violet Hopkins, T. Kelly Mason, Dwayne Moser, Kim Schoenstadt, Alyson Shotz, Joe Sola, and Bruce Yonemoto among others. Various artists primarily from New York and Los Angeles were both published and exhibited.

In 2003 Hart relocated to Miami, to establish lemon sky: projects + editions there, closing the Los Angeles gallery. Since that time she has organized a program of exhibits in various venues, featuring unique works and editions by both established, blue chip, as well as emerging artists.